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How it all began

Portatit of Lunia Czechowska - copy of Photo
Portatit of Lunia Czechowska - copy of Photo

At the same time, I was fascinated and frightened by the painting.

That long neck, those white eyes that fill the mind, despite the emptiness of the room.

When I was a little girl, the painting hung in front of my bedroom door. I admired and feared it equally. It was a print of the portrait of Lunia Czechowska painted by artist Modigliani. I still adore it.

At the beginning, I started to draw the portrait and with time I also tried other creations, but only with pencil. I visited several exhibitions, such as Modigliani in Genoa and J. Gill in Singen at the Mac Museum Art and Cars, where I had the opportunity to have a personal conversation with the artist. In addition, I gave him a picture drawn by me. J. Gill and his wife were very surprised, since he was actually the one who gave pictures away and didn’t receive any. He wished me and my art good luck and gave me his signature. For me, it was a very intense moment that gave me the courage to develop my art. 

I don’t paint my pictures with any particular style, but I am inspired by a variety of things. They reflect my very own emotions.

Let shape and color drive you away - leave room for emotion.